5 Drupal 8 recourses voor ondernemers
Gepost op 9 maart 2016

10 Important Business Benefits of Drupal 8

Een artikel van Acquia, 's werelds bekendste Drupal integrator.

There’s an abundance of information out there for technical folks on the benefits of Drupal 8, but less material on the business benefits of Drupal’s latest version. In addition to carrying on Drupal’s core functionality and open source roots, it offers many additions and upgrades that will help to bring your digital business boldly forwards into today’s age of the customer.

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Your Business. Your Drupal 8

5 Ways Drupal 8 Can Help Your Startup or Small Business

With Drupal 8 addressing many of the shortcomings of earlier versions, developers essentially have infinite extensibility, which allows business owners to keep future options open. This is terrific for startups that aren't 100% certain about the direction they want to go in the future.

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Why Choosing Drupal 8 for your Business?

Badcamp (Bay Area Drupal Camp, een jaarlijks terugkerende Drupal conferentie) publiceerde deze samenvatting van een sessie die in werkelijkheid 3 uur duurde.

As a business owner it is important for you to think of different ways to connect with your customers, build a better business website and maximize your company’s full potential with the use of web and digital marketing and advertising solutions. This is where Drupal comes in. 

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Business Benefits of Drupal 8

Highlights include: -How Drupal 8's scalable structure is allowing leading organizations to focus on speed and innovation, -Why Drupal 8 is an ideal platform for Marketers aiming to align their internal teams and integrate their various automation and reporting components, -Drupal 8's focus on security and accessibility, leveraging Drupal's vast contributing community, -Real world examples of companies transforming their businesses with Drupal 8